Midriff Magazine is a publication that strives to honor the perspective of the young adult womxn experience. The magazine welcomes limitless exploration through fiction, nonfiction, visual art, poetry, and non-traditional forms to create a collective of work rooted in our changing landscapes. Based out of Wesleyan University, Midriff’s content is largely influenced by the college experience, cultural zeitgeist, sexual politics, and the spaces in between.


Founded by Stephanie Ades and JR Atkinson in the spring of 2018, Midriff  started as an attempt to fill the void of a womxn-centered space in the world of Wesleyan publications. The collective publishes one physical issue per semester, supplemented by online content. The magazine continues the tradition of Iahu, a Wesleyan publication of a similar mission which ran in the 1980s and 1990s, but evolves from its second-wave feminism towards the nuances of the current moment.


For ways to get involved in the collective, visit our submit page. 

View our previous online issues here.

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